Today, all customers expect a fast and seamless contact center experience. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, as they often find themselves tossed from one agent to another, trying to explain the same situation over and over again. This is tedious, frustrating, overly repetitive, and a good reason for customers to lose faith in any company and shift their business elsewhere.

As a business, having an omnichannel contact center can help establish long-term relationships with your customers, help your business provide superior customer service experiences, and propel you way ahead of your competitors. To successfully build, run, and maintain an omnichannel contact center, however, businesses need to have a fully staffed department. The only problem is small businesses and startups may not have the financial muscle to employ an in-house omni channel customer support team. And that’s where outsourced customer support staffing comes in.

Basically, it entails hiring a third-party contractor to run and manage your company’s digital contact center. Depending on your needs, a remote omnichannel contact center can help your business in the following areas:

omnichannel call center capabilities
  • Handling inbound and outbound calls
  • Interviewing customers and verifying their information
  • Resolving customer complaints and general customer support
  • Responding to customer emails
  • Maintaining all communication hardware and software by reporting any problems
  • Staffing live chat channels
  • Social media support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok

Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center to Your Customers and Business 

So, now that you know some of the support services that an omnichannel call center handles, what are the benefits?

Mapping the Customer Journey

One of the primary benefits of having an omni call center is that it helps you create a visual story of how customers interact with your brand. By doing so, you are able to step into the customer’s shoes and see your brand from the customer’s eye. In a contact center, this entails analyzing and establishing the turnaround time for resolving customer complaints. And while at it, an omnichannel contact center also helps store all the customer data in a centralized location, making it easily accessible.

Utilizing Social Media

Many businesses, especially the small ones, struggle to utilize social media properly. And justifiably considering social media is a fairly new phenomenon and a young person’s game, meaning many traditional business owners shy away from using it at all. However, an omnichannel contact center integrates all your communication platforms, allowing you to communicate with your customers easily. Whether it’s live chat, social media, email, or SMS customer support,  an omni-channel contact centre solution will help you create a seamless experience across the board.

Boosting Customer Experiences

The primary aim of setting up an omnichannel contact center is to augment the customer experience. It mainly focuses on communicating with your customers, and as such, it should do it in the very best way. Today, customers hate the thought of having to wait on hold for hours just to get a simple response. As a business, however, communicating via live chat, social media, email, and SMS eliminates the waiting time and boosts the overall customer experience.

Increasing the Value of Your Brand

As an entrepreneur the continuity of your business is key. A good omnichannel contact center helps tell your story in your voice, ultimately creating a global voice. Whilst different agents speak slightly differently, you can train them to use standardized language across all your businesses’ digital channels, as well as track areas that have any inconsistencies. This in turn creates brand unity and a memorable customer experience. An omnichannel contact center can also help with both performance and workforce management.

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Advantages of Setting Up a Remote Omnichannel Call Center

As a business, there are several benefits that come with outsourced phone support including:

  • Saves time and money. Hiring using the traditional methods can be financially taxing and time-consuming. You need to go through loads of resumes, conduct face-to-face interviews, and everything else in between. Outsourcing, on the other hand, accelerates the recruitment process, as you get to interact and coordinate with a larger pool of potential candidates in real-time.
  • Reduces employee turnover rate. Today, many workers are considering work-life balance over everything when presented with a job proposition. And considering the 9-5 jobs require spending time commuting, a virtual contact center allows team members to work remotely, ultimately allowing them to use the saved time on leisure activities, which improves productivity.  
  • Offers flexibility. Working with a virtual contact center agent gives you the flexibility to scale up or downgrade the number of staff depending on your business needs. Whether you’re looking to hire agency to make inbound and out bound calls on a part-time basis or simply want a 24/7 online customer service answering emails, outsourced omnichannel customer solutions allow you the flexibility.
  • Global talent pool. Hiring remote contact center agents allows you to hire the most competitive and talented specialists from all over the world. 

Factors to Consider Before Transitioning to a Nearshore Contact Center

So, you’ve decided that working with a nearshore contact center is the way to go for your business. But where do you start? As a business owner, it’s important to understand that outsourcing contact center services go beyond the cost-benefits. 

Below, we’ve put together several factors to consider before transitioning to a nearshore contact center.

Experience in Your Industry

If you’ve already started compiling a list of locations to move your contact center to, you need to look for a country that has experience in your industry. This ensures that you won’t have any skills-job mismatch when hiring. Today, Ukraine is one of the best omnichannel customer service outsourcing destinations. The country has an educated and technologically proficient population, plus most people in the country speak are bilingual. 

Multichannel Communications

As a business owner, it would be pointless to work with contact center remote teams if your CRM software doesn’t engage your customers on their preferred medium of communication. In today’s consumer service planet system, having multichannel communications is an absolute necessity. Your software should incorporate voice, chat, email, social media, and SMS, or otherwise, it would be a wasted investment. Whilst phone calls are the most preferred medium for customer-agent communication, customers’ needs are constantly evolving. For this reason, having an omnipresent presence gives your customers the flexibility to communicate with you using different avenues. If you aren’t giving your customers a wide variety of options to choose from, you’re giving them complete control of their own customer experience.


When it comes to outsourcing, the location you hire from is equally important as you may need to monitor the service quality to maintain consistency and improve performance. As a business owner, you need to hire from a location that allows you to make business trips in a matter of hours. Along with that, your hiring destination should provide easy access to global markets, as well as cut across different time zones. In retrospect, this allows your contact center to continue serving your customers irrespective of their location.


Outsourcing can sometimes be a costly affair, especially if you have limited knowledge of the prevailing salaries of a particular country or region. As such, you need to partner with a remote contact center provider that is willing to work within your budget. Salaries in Ukraine, for example, are relatively low compared to other European countries, which is why it’s one of the best destinations to outsource your omnichannel contact center.

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How Our Company Can Help You Build a Remote Omnichannel Call Center

We are a professional omnichannel contact center agency located in Ukraine. We help multiple businesses of all sizes around the world to holistically run their omnichannel contact center operations. Our live chat agents remote workers can help you in the following areas:

  • Inbound customer care
  • Outbound services
  • Technical and general customer support
  • Email support
  • Helpdesk services
  • Staffing live chat channels
  • Multilingual social media support
  • Complaint management

Our Working Process

Getting started with your outsourced contact center remote team is as simple as can be with us. 

  1. Determine your hiring needs. The first step entails teaming up with you to establish your hiring needs, and the skills needed to fill your position.
  2. Selection of contact centre agents. Next, the process of selecting agents from our network of professionals rolls out. Once done, we will select the most fitting candidates and send you their resumes for consideration.
  3. Screening. After you’ve settled on the most fitting candidates, we will arrange for interviews via video conferencing or Skype. 
  4. Contract signing. After selecting the right candidates, we will sit down to deliberate on the workflow of your omnichannel contact center, determine a start date, and sign the service agreement. 
  5. Induction. The final step in building your remote team is the induction of the remote team members. A lot happens here including: 
  • Formal introduction
  • Set daily expectations
  • Develop a training program
  • Create a feedback loop
  • And so much more

Contact us and build a dedicated omnichannel contact center in Ukraine!