Professional Customer Support Outsourcing Services

We are a Ukraine based company that specializes in providing remote customer support services through the teams we recruit and hire for you. Our customer support staffing agency has access to specialists with experience providing customer support in diverse industries. The customer support teams we offer provide omni-channel support at cost-effective rates across all channels including live chat, email, phone and much more. We know that needs vary from business to business so we build customer support teams tailored to your specific requirements.

Our omnichannel customer support covers a wide variety of services. We know how to build a 24/7 customer support team that responds to inquiries and requests quickly and professionally in order to keep your customers satisfied.  The following are some of the outsourced customer support services we offer.


Email Answering Service

When you have 100’s of emails in your in-box every day it doesn’t take long to fall behind even if you are ignoring other tasks related to your business. A slow email response time doesn’t look good for your business and can alienate customers and potential customers. Email support outsourcing through our company will ensure every customer email receives a fast and professional response following your guidelines. Our email answering service can assume a variety of customer support tasks. Some of the duties a remote email support specialist can undertake include responding to customer inquiries and complaints, escalating customer requests that can’t be resolved by email, customer status notifications, responding to sales inquiries and much more. Depending on your needs we can even combine customer care representative email & chat support. We build custom teams to fit your needs.


Remote Phone Support

There are few things that frustrate a person more than spending an extended period on hold when they contact customer support. When you outsource customer phone support through our company this won’t be an issue. We can provide 24 hour live answering services to ensure your customers get a fast and professional response. Our outsourced telephone answering service can perform a variety of functions depending on your needs. Some of the virtual answering services include responding to basic questions, forwarding calls and managing customer complaints. The remote live answering service can even provide technical support and we have specialists with experience in many fields. All incoming calls will be dealt with following your scripts and/or guidelines. In addition we can provide virtual phone answering service personnel in a number of different languages.


Live Chat Support Services

 For those people who don’t want to actually pick up a phone and talk to somebody but don’t want to wait for an email response, live chat support is a great solution. Our company provides some of the best outsourced live chat services using experienced professionals from many different industries. We outsource live chat 24/7 so are able to support any schedule. When you hire live chat customer service agents through our company they will follow your guidelines and scripts and maintain a professional manner at all times. The team we assemble for you will be tailored to fit your specific requirements. The specialists we find are capable of answering anything from basic inquiries up to highly technical questions in a wide range of industries.  You can also hire live chat agents who speak different languages to better serve your customers in other countries. Remote chat and email support can be provided in conjunction with each other to provide a better level of support. Chat logs are recorded to provide transparency and our specialists can work with any chat software.


Contact Center Outsourcing Services

The contact center serves as the hub for all your customer support channels. Many people use call centers and contact centers interchangeably and they are similar. However, a contact center is much more than a remote call center although that is one of the contact center outsourcing services we provide. Outsourced call center solutions we offer include Tier 1 through Tier 3 technical support, answering inbound customer inquiries 24/7, handling customer complaints and multilingual customer support among other things. We also offer multi-channel support including email answering services, live chat and more. Our company can provide an experienced remote customer support specialist or team of specialists for any support channel/channels to ensure your customers get the help they require in a fast and efficient manner.


Remote Reception Services

We offer remote reception services to handle your incoming calls in a professional manner. Our reception services are available 24/7 and ensure that your calls will always be handled in an efficient manner even after office hours. However, the reception service specialists do a lot more than just answer calls. Depending on your particular requirements some of their duties may include transferring calls to the correct party, call screening to ensure important calls get through to you while spam calls are blocked, taking messages, making follow-up calls, scheduling and appointment setting,  providing standardized information to clients and much more. Your  skilled and experienced receptions will respond to calls following your instructions and help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.


Outbound Cold Calling

Cold calling is the contacting of individuals or businesses that have not expressed an interest in your products or services. We offer outbound cold calling services to generate leads and set appointments for your sales teams. The cold calling specialists are seasoned professionals with experience cold calling in a variety of industries. Some of the outbound cold calling services we offer are B2B lead generation and appointment setting and B2C lead generation and appointment setting. Cold calling services include lead qualifying to ensure your sales teams are getting good quality leads and will be talking to the right people. Our specialists also provide lead nurturing services to cultivate potential customers who may not be ready to buy now but may in the future. The cold calling experts we provide can work from your scripts and they also have the expertise to develop cold calling scripts for you. Keep your sales funnel full by outsourcing cold calling through our company.

How We Hire Customer Support Agents

We understand that you need to hire someone that is going to be perfect for your role and that you want to do it quickly with a minimum of fuss. We will  work directly with you to fully understand your specific needs. When building a customer support team remote specialists are thoroughly vetted by us to verify their skills and qualifications. The following is the process we follow when we hire customer support specialists for our clients.

1) Determine your requirements: we talk with you via phone or Skype to determine exactly what your requirements are. This will include what customer support channels you will be using, type of specialists you need, the size of team you require and other pertinent information.

2) Select candidate/candidates: from our large pool of customer support specialists we will select the resumes of the candidates that meet your requirements and forward them to you for your review

3) Conduct interviews: arrangements are made for you to interview your preferred candidates by video conference or via Skype. If you choose you may also administer a test to candidates to assist you in making your decision.

4) Final preparation: we discuss the work-flow of your customer support staff and determine a start date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is good to go.

We know that every business has different needs and can customize a team to meet your specific requirements.

7 Reasons to Build Your Remote Customer Support Team with Our Company

Choosing our company to build your customer support team can provide a number of benefits. Here are 7 reasons why you should build your customer support team with us.

Skilled support: the hired customer support specialists are highly skilled and have extensive experience providing customer support services to diverse industries. They can bring their expertise to your company to provide effective professional customer support to your clients.

Cost effective: hiring customer support staff from our Ukrainian based company will save you money. Not only are salaries in Ukraine much less than those in most Western countries for the same skill and experience level, but you will be eliminating many of the associated expenses that come with hiring in-house staff such as office space, equipment, paid vacations and more.

Flexibility: there is no standard customer support team that fulfills the needs of every business. We are flexible and customize our teams to fit your requirements, providing you with the specific specialists you need. You can also hire customer support full-time, part-time or on a per-project basis. We adapt to meet your needs.

Multiple languages: we are able to provide customer support services in multiple languages so that you can offer high quality customer support in many different countries. Our company offers customer support services in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and many other languages.

Better coverage: our company can help you provide customer support across multiple channels to make it easier for your clients to get the help they need. We also offer support 24/7 so not only can your customers get assistance via different channels, they can also get help any time they need it every day of the year.

Faster response time: with one of our remote customer support teams you can cut down the response time to customer inquiries and complaints. With around the clock live customer support there will be no long delays when providing the answers and assistance your customers need which is good for your business and your customers.

Scalability: the needs of your company can change over time, sometimes with very little notice. We are able to adapt to changes and scale up your customer support team quickly with well qualified professionals so you can continue to provide the same level of support.

Customer Support Staffing FAQ

Q: What are the outsourcing customer service benefits?

There are quite a few benefits to outsourcing customer service. You will reduce your customer support expenses, provide better coverage 24/7 across more channels, be able to offer your clients more language options, respond faster to customer inquiries and complaints and free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Q: How much do companies save on outsourcing CS?

The amount a company will save outsourcing customer support will vary depending on a number of factors such as team size and the hours of customer support operation. However you can be sure that the savings will be substantial as salaries are generally significantly less than in-house staff and you won’t have to deal with associated expenses such as office space, equipment, paid holidays and more.

Q: How do you hire customer support agents?

We find customer support agents in a variety of ways including through industry connections and referrals. All agents are thoroughly vetted by us and their skills and experience verified. Only the best candidates are accepted.

Q: Where will my dedicated CS support team be located?

The dedicated customer support team you hire will be located in Ukraine.

Q: Should I decide to work with your company, how quickly can we get started?

The amount of time it takes to get started with our company will vary depending on your specific requirements such as the size of your team and the type of services you need. It could range from two to four weeks to get your customer support team up and running.

Q: What industries does your company serve?

We are capable of providing customer support services for many industries including Healthcare, eCommerce and Retail, Financial Services, Information Technology, Logistics and Construction, Telecommunications, Marketing and Advertising, Travel and Tourism and more.

Q: What countries do you operate in?

We are able to provide support for our client’s customers in Europe, North America, South America and Australia.

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